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Can you hear the beach calling? You’re there in no time. The popular Scheveningen is just around the corner of The Ambassador: only 5 minutes cycling away and you’ll stand bare feet in the sea. Walk over the boulevard along the charming beach bars, eat a bite in the harbor or go surfing at Hart Beach. All around the corner.

In summer it’s lively and busy in Scheveningen it’s truly a popular place. Do you need some quiet in addition to all that liveliness? There are plenty of other beaches in The Hague, such as Strandslag 12 at beach club La Cantina. Or if you feel like taking a walk, you can stroll along the beach past all kinds of pretty beach bars. Right between Strandslag 9 and 10 (so not at an entrance, meaning it’s extra quiet), you’ll come across De Fuut, highly recommended! With a bit of luck you might even see the famous Strandbeesten by artist Theo Jansen outside.

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