More about renting

Want to rent in The Ambassador? Here’s what you need to do

Step 1 | Find the right apartment for you
There’s an overview of all apartments, with a map of The Ambassador and all the available homes. Here you’ll find information such as rental prices, square meters, layout and the floor plan. Start clicking and find the right apartment for you!

Step 2 | Add your preverenced apartment & upload documents
Did you find your ideal apartment? Then add it to ‘my preferences’ (mijn voorkeuren). You can register for a maximum of 5 apartments. Fill in all your details (and those of your co-tenant) and upload your identification together with proof of income. When the registration is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email. As soon as the registration is closed, you’ll receive a message about the further procedure.

Step 3 | Complete your digital file
If you have a first option on a home, you’ll get a unique code. This allows you to complete your file through the portal. After completing your file, we’ll inform you within five working days about whether you can rent the apartment.

Step 4 | Sign the rental agreement online
If you get to rent the apartment you wanted and your file has been approved, you can sign the rental agreement through the portal. This makes the option final: congratulations, you’ve rented your new apartment completely digital!

Step 5 | The keys
After signing the rental agreement, you’ll receive the first invoice for rent and possibly for a deposit. After payment, the inspection of the apartment and key handover are planned.

Step 6 | Time to move in!
You’ve received your keys and now it’s time to move in! We hope you’ll enjoy your new apartment in The Ambassador.

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